CivicEye hosted an in-depth RMS training to help users maximize their records management system.
Case Study

Case Study: Maximizing Functionality With Advanced RMS Training


Implementing a new records management system (RMS) can be challenging for any organization, particularly when utilizing the system’s full potential. A well-designed records management system, such as CivicRMS from CivicEye, can offer a range of powerful capabilities. CivicRMS integrates seamlessly with existing computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and jail management systems (JMS), ensuring that data is shared seamlessly between these systems. This integration can help streamline workflows, reduce data entry errors, and save time. CivicRMS allows for data sharing with neighboring agencies, enhancing collaboration and situational awareness. The system also provides top-notch cloud computing security to protect sensitive information and ensure that it can only be accessed by authorized personnel.   

Comprehensive training and ongoing support ensure that users are comfortable with the system’s features and functionalities, enabling them to leverage it effectively. With proper training, users can become more efficient, saving time and reducing errors. Additionally, a well-trained user base can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and assist in continuous training within their own organizations. Moreover, ongoing training and support can help users stay up-to-date with new features and best practices, enabling them to improve their workflows and maximize the system’s potential continuously. However, to fully realize these benefits, users must be proficient in using the system.   

Identifying Gaps in Training 

Job turnover, staffing issues, and budget constraints can cause gaps in training, leading to data quality issues, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities for improvement.  

As agencies onboard new hires, it is crucial that officers receive proper training on the agency’s record management system (RMS). This is because the RMS serves as a centralized platform for managing and storing critical information, such as case files, arrest records, and other important documents. 

Training new hires on the RMS can be challenging, especially when current users responsible for providing training are inexperienced or uncomfortable with the system. This can lead to inefficiencies and errors in the system, which can have negative consequences for the agency. 

Client Success Manager Gary Holliday hosting one of the training sessions.

In such situations, users may try to find their own ways of making the system work. They may resort to backdoor solutions, workarounds, or tricks to accomplish tasks instead of following proper procedures. While these approaches may be effective in the short term, they can lead to problems down the line, such as data errors, system crashes, and security breaches. 

The Need 

It became apparent throughout customer interactions that although CivicEye’s Tech Support Team and designated Client Success Manager was available to assist, users were seeking more training opportunities to improve their proficiency on the system.   

The short-term solutions were ineffective in directly addressing the agency’s and its community’s needs. Clients had questions about specific features, needed assistance with troubleshooting issues, and wanted to learn more about utilizing the system to its full potential. 

Access to education on the system from the ground up is essential for these users. They want to start with the basics and gradually build their understanding of the system so that they can use it confidently and efficiently. Training sessions covering system navigation, data entry, reporting, and more tactical uses for the technology were identified and compiled into a curriculum. 

The Solution 

In response, CivicEye identified a need for more comprehensive training options to support our clients and ensure they have the necessary skills. Our Client Success Team decided to host our first User Group Training Conference with 11 agencies across South Carolina. These agencies vary from small to medium-sized, many in smaller, less urban settings.  

Over two days utilizing a conference room on Wofford College’s beautiful campus, managers Gary Holliday and Jim Akagi from CivicEye’s Client Success Team conducted a comprehensive and immersive training curriculum, allowing attendees to delve deeply into the specific topics covered. The training sessions were interactive and engaging, with attendees encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions.  

Check out this sneak peek from our latest user Group Training!

One of the key features of the training was the opportunity for attendees to provide real-time feedback on the content, pacing, and specific topics covered. This feedback was welcomed and encouraged, as it allowed the trainers to adjust their approach in real-time, ensuring that attendees could get the most out of the training experience.  

Attendees approached the training with various real-world situations, allowing them to apply their new knowledge in specific use cases they will encounter in their jurisdictions. The trainers worked closely with attendees to ensure they understood the material and could confidently apply it. 

The CivicEye team was committed to providing a well-rounded and engaging training experience for attendees. We understood that learning and problem-solving were just one part of the equation, and that networking and socializing were equally important. By providing lunch, snacks, and breaks for networking, the CivicEye team created an environment that was conducive to learning, growth, and community building. 

The Results 

Users feel more confident with CivicRMS and how they can maximize the system’s potential. Additionally, users had the opportunity to troubleshoot issues they were personally dealing with at their agency.  

Attendees from Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office stated that “This training was very beneficial. I learned how to use our system to its fullest extent. The instructors answered all questions and went above and beyond to help fix the problems that our agency was having.”  

Many users, too, learned about features they didn’t even realize that the software had. Trainers Gary Holliday and Jim Akagi, alongside SLED Agents Aleah Washington and Amanda Moskaitis, helped familiarize users with features of the software that users were previously unaware of. 

Agencies take notes during a session.

Attendees from DHEC Bureau of Drug Control described that “I feel more comfortable with manipulating the system as well as the many different functions that can be utilized.”  

As a whole, users strengthened their existing knowledge of CivicRMS’s functionalities, while simultaneously equipping themselves with new feature knowledge, tips, and tricks.  


CivicEye is proud to have worked alongside 11 South Carolina agencies to better maximize their CivicRMS use. Gary Holliday, Client Success Manager, explained that “We want to empower law enforcement to use this system well so they can focus on what they need to do most—keep their communities safe.”  

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