After a thirty year career in active law enforcement, I am re-energized by the team at CivicEye. From the leadership team, to the Support Staff, to our Sales team, CivicEye has a deep dedication to providing the best solutions available to our partner agencies. To continue to have an impact and a place within the profession I have dedicated my adult life to is a blessing.

Gary Holliday

Client Success Manager

In a time where communities need to trust public safety providers and build positive connections, I love that we at CivicEye are creating impactful solutions. We have a passion for making the lives of law enforcement easier and creating the transparency needed for themselves and the communities they serve.

Tanisha Adams

Head of Product

The things that we are doing at CivicEye right now have a huge impact on the United States and making our communities safer. I love being a part of something I’m passionate about and proud of.

Alfredo Velasco

Head of Engineering

What I love about CivicEye is the opportunity to change the world and have an immediate impact on law enforcement. I do believe that data and crime data should be transparent. And we’re helping by digitizing records to improve reporting and tracking of criminal data.

Terrence Pruitt

Account Executive

There has not been a day I’ve been part of CivicEye that I haven’t learned something new. As a young professional, the ability to connect with so many incredible people whether it be clients or fellow employees has been incredibly impactful.

Shannon McGevna

Content Marketing Manager

I love being a part of CivicEye because of the team. We hold each other to our respective responsibilities while consistently collaborating and encouraging one another. Our mission is one I can also easily align with, and I look forward every day to partnering with law enforcement officials to help make communities safer.

Jackson Boatwright

Jackson Boatwright

Business Development Representative