In today’s day and age, law enforcement agencies need a strong digital infrastructure and law enforcement software to help manage their day-to-day operations and to keep their communities safe. Prior to records management software and the internet age, police agencies used inefficient paper-based processes to keep their records in order. This was difficult, as it made it harder for departments in different jurisdictions, states, or at the federal level to share information. 

For the best in law enforcement software, you need to look no further than CivicEye. CivicEye delivers an end-to-end law enforcement software that empowers law enforcement agencies to increase their efficiency and aid in investigations with advanced data sharing capabilities to work with other departments across jurisdictional boundaries. 

We know that law enforcement investigations require a lot of work from a lot of different parties, and different cases require different pieces of information. So, why not use a software that can be a comprehensive, all-in-one law enforcement software to gather data? CivicEye delivers software that will increase efficiency and allow more time for your professionals on the streets and in the field. 

civicrms records management software integrated with cad rms jms systems to improve community outcomes and bring crime data analytics to police departments

CivicEye Capabilities 

Though linking people and data can be difficult, it’s very important for law enforcement investigations and an important need in law enforcement investigation software. Whether you are dealing with a criminal investigation or fraud, you will likely uncover relationships between individuals and pieces of information you need to locate all parties involved to perform a complete investigation. 

CivicEye RMS has high-quality data-linking capabilities that can help you map your relationships, and connect people with relevant records and information in less time and with less effort, making it a law enforcement software that is at the forefront of its field.  

With a comprehensive records management system and interactive dashboards with real-time information, you are sure to get the information you need out of your law-enforcement database software. With a powerful search engine that is faster and more robust than others on the market, your professionals will be able to search by person, contacts, identification, scars, tattoos, and locations. 

With this efficiency, your officers are in the field longer. Rather than heading back to the office to fill out paperwork, officers can access the information they need via a laptop in their patrol cars, securely storing all data, while sending all their information and case file straight to the prosecutor. 

The advantage starts from the imported entry from CAD. An officer can review any information that is obtained by dispatch, and begin their incident report from that data. Then, when the officers on scene record their information, including what they observed and what actions they took, the software immediately goes to work.   

This software can give you surfacing, vehicle information and hosts of other information that a police officer might want to know.  Officers can approach a situation with critical information needed to make informed, smart decisions and keep everyone safe. It is effective in helping agencies and officers alike by giving them real-time, actionable intelligence to help and aid in effective deployment and policing. 

Our law enforcement software can also support large media files, meaning information can be collected via an array of sources including dash cams, surveillance cameras and body cams. This way, officers can create complete records with maps, pictures, and video captured. 

But, for the officers, all they need to know is that they can put all this information into one place on whatever device they choose. They can rest assured that the information is cross-linked and tracked throughout the system, meaning the chain of evidence is always secure and intact. This provides full accountability to the officers, agency, and community. 

A Law Enforcement Tool With Extra Security 

When you have to pursue an investigation, it is important that you are handling all of the information that you gather properly and safely. If you handle information poorly or don’t maintain a high level of security during the investigation, that information could get into the wrong person’s hands. 

CivicEye has Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with data that is replicated to our secure CJIS-compliant cloud and distributed real-time to law enforcement. It is securely accessible on any device. Our law enforcement software program has tools that are particularly useful when officers out in the field are working with third-parties, like private investigators or other law enforcement agencies. 

You can rest assured that CivicEye keeps your information secure and out of the wrong hands. It works with multi-tier security, access control, and reporting. All queries into the software are logged and authenticated, and there is full transaction tracking and auditing. Our software is also highly scalable, meaning it can work for your agency no matter the size or how you plan to grow in the future. 

Why is Secure Software Important? 

It is important to have secure software for a variety of reasons. First, it helps protect your computers from malware and any other security threats. Next, it can prevent data loss or threat. Law enforcement agencies have long been a target for criminal cyber attack. To stop these attacks, the software helps to protect the sensitive information that your officers or servers hold. You avoid legal liabilities with a secure solution like CivicEye. 

Law Enforcement Reporting and Data That is Faster 

Law enforcement agencies often need data from the past to solve crimes of the present. For example, you might need some more information about a person’s past if you want to uncover where that person might be right now. To get information about a person’s past, a law enforcement software like CivicEye can help provide a comprehensive background check on individuals. 

With software that includes important and extensive historical records, you can uncover all the patterns to help solve your investigation. Some of the records accessible include past criminal records, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, asset records, previous citations and gang affiliations. 

With CivicEye, you can search hundreds of millions of records in a matter of seconds. CivicRMS provides real-time solutions and access to law enforcement data throughout the local, state, and federal levels. What you get is real-time integration of reporting data from any law enforcement agency, real-time watches and notifications, and extensive real-time graphics, reports, and charts.  

The law enforcement software also includes a real-time dashboard that includes searches made by whom, for what, and what the results were. Not to mention, it automatically tracks non-reporting agencies. 

Police Software with Scalable Solutions 

Not everyone needs the same solutions. To perform records management in the best way for your agency, CivicEye provides customizable data collections methods. From small, rural public agencies to giant law enforcement agencies in big cities, CivicEye has the tools you need to perform an investigation while sticking to your budget.  

With access to our powerful, cloud-based solutions, CivicEye can help law enforcement agencies improve training and case support, and collaborate with other agencies using law enforcement data sharing.  

With the ability to quickly search huge amounts of data in the law enforcement software, CivicEye helps law enforcement agencies get the information they need for better transparency and community policing. When you are looking for the best law enforcement software programs, CivicEye provides it all. Our law enforcement database software can support any size agency working with an array of documentation systems and transform it into a modern, efficient cloud-based technology to help improve performance.  

Added Capabilities 

CIvicEye also has drug integration and documentation tools to help fight the war on drugs, while also having a master database for vehicle searching. Our software also has infection control capabilities to help mitigate risk and increase public safety from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.  

The CivicRMS is also very adept and useful for tracking evidence. With CivicRMS, you can track evidence from the time it is brought in, all the way up until the trial. This not only helps with the compliance end of it, but it also makes it easier for prosecutors to gather all the information they need to win cases electronically and streamline efforts seamlessly. 

So, what else does CivicRMS have to offer? Here is a list of the modules to help your agency get full use of our software. 

  • L.E.X. 
  • Forms integration 
  • Evidence module 
  • Large media 
  • eTicketing  
  • Data analysis 
  • CAD solutions 
  • Drug control 
  • Infection control 
  • Victim’s rights  
  • Jail solutions 
  • Medical screener 
  • Civil process 
  • Training 
  • Field interview 
  • Personnel  

If you are interested in CivicEye, contact us for a free trial today. With 24/7/365 expert support, we are here to help you keep the public safe around the clock. We offer chat, phone and email support, as well as a knowledge base for training and troubleshooting. And, our customer service is a U.S-based, dedicated in-house support team so you are never on your own.