The college’s Department of Public Safety will equip its campus police with new records management technology.  

Charleston, SC – Apr. 2, 2024 – CivicEye, a leading software provider specializing in web-based solutions for law enforcement and prosecutors, is proud to have been selected by the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC to support their campus police. The College’s Department of Public Safety is the latest university to select CivicRMS to manage campus police reports, following other university-based agencies in the southeast, such as the Tennessee Board of Regents.  

College of Charleston has an urban campus that is distributed throughout Charleston’s famous downtown, where students both live and attend classes. As a result, the Campus Police at the College of Charleston needed updated tools to share real-time updates and communications with one another across various locations. 

“Our campus’s layout means that our Campus Police need tools to communicate and share data securely and quickly,” said John Curtis, Systems Security Engineer with the College’s Division of Information Technology.  

CivicRMS, CivicEye’s law enforcement records management system, will provide College of Charleston Campus Police with centralized software to manage reports, comply with Clery Reporting requirements, create and store tactical plans for emergent situations, and more.  

“Technology such as that provided by CivicRMS will allow us to serve our student body more quickly and efficiently,” said Curtis. “We want to create an environment for our students that keeps them safe and gives them the best opportunity to focus on their education.”

Alongside universities, CivicEye serves other law enforcement agencies and prosecution offices across the United States, and also widely within South Carolina, with clients such as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the City of Anderson Police Department, and the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SDHEC).  

“We’re proud to partner with campus police agencies,” said Joshua South, President of CivicEye. “As we continue to expand, it’s exciting to see our product at work and supporting our mission to improve community outcomes, both on and off college campuses.”  

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