Picayune, MS Police Department Case Study

How Picayune PD is using data analytics to improve community outcomes

The Power of Data in Records Management

Data analytic tools play a pivotal role in modern law enforcement records management systems (RMS). As agencies across the U.S. continually strive toward improved data analysis and application, agencies like Picayune, MS Police Department have leveraged the abilities of their RMS (CivicRMS) to improve their access to quality, easily-accessible data.

This case study highlights how Picayune PD has used data largely to build community trust and transparency, and to inform their tactical operations. Read the full case study to witness firsthand how Picayune MS Police Department is using existing tools in their RMS to impact the city of Picayune. By learning from their success, you can find inspiration and valuable lessons for your own law enforcement agency’s journey towards data-driven excellence.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the transformative potential of data analytics in the field of law enforcement.

“Numbers and analytics can help agencies give objective answers, instead of subjective ones, to the public’s important questions.”

-Chief Joe Quave, Picayune, MS Police Department

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