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Tennessee Police Department Transforms Operations with Successful Implementation of CivicEye’s Public Safety Software Solution 

From Paper to Digital: Jamestown Police Department goes live with CivicRMS for streamlined processes 

Jamestown, Tennessee – June 5, 2023 – CivicEye, a leading provider of public safety software solutions, proudly announces the successful implementation of CivicRMS with the Jamestown Police Department. By embracing technology, the department has transitioned into a new era of modernized policing, empowering them to better serve and protect their community with improved effectiveness, responsiveness, and public safety. 

Gone are the days of manually recording incident reports, searching through stacks of paperwork, and struggling with data management. CivicRMS provides a centralized, secure platform for storing and managing critical information, including incident reports, arrests, warrants, and more. Officers can now access data with unprecedented ease to make informed decisions and respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. 

“We wanted to make our records management more streamlined and useful for our officers in the field. The access CivicRMS has given our officers in the field and in the office cannot be praised enough,” said Detective Jason Duncan. “This partnership is a great first step to putting our officers back out in the community with real-time information to allow us to better serve our citizens.” 

The modernization initiative is not limited to data management alone. Additionally, the software includes modules designed to communicate with CAD and JMS providers, as well as manage digital evidence. 

“Our team at CivicEye has worked closely with the department, providing training and support to ensure a seamless transition,” said Chris MacKay, Project Manager at CivicEye. “It has been a privilege to witness the transformation as the department embraces technology, improves processes, and enhances capabilities for their officers and staff.” 

This partnership ensures that Jamestown Police Department operates at the forefront of technological advancements, resulting in enhanced investigations, case management, and officer preparedness. The department is better equipped to meet the evolving challenges of law enforcement and provide the highest level of public safety to its residents in Tennessee. 

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