Malin, OR has selected CivicRMS for their records management solution.
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Oregon Welcomes Law Enforcement Software Provider CivicEye to the PNW 

How a small agency in Oregon is getting access to the technology it needs 

Malin, Oregon – Oct. 16, 2023 – Malin Police Department’s new RMS has been a long time coming. From pen-and-paper methods to outdated legacy software, the agency was tired of an unreliable, network-based system. Particularly, Chief Patrick Richards of Malin PD was concerned that if the agency’s single computer went down, the department would lose all of its data. 

“It wasn’t a sustainable solution,” said Chief Richards.  

As the agency began the search for a new RMS, they encountered a variety of challenges along the way. One of the biggest? Larger software providers weren’t interested in working with the agency.  

“Since we’re such a small agency, software companies know we can’t give them a lot of money,” Chief Richards said. “It’s frustrating that many smaller agencies are simply ‘counted out’ because of their size.” 

When Chief Richards discovered CivicRMS, he was excited about the software’s cloud-based architecture and integration capabilities. Additionally, he was impressed by the software’s tools to improve data collection

“Malin PD is our first agency in Oregon,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CEO of CivicEye. “Starting with a smaller agency like Malin is an invitation that really aligns with our company values. It’s not about a dollar amount—it’s about servicing agencies across the United States—and that means no agency left behind.” 

With CivicRMS, Chief Richards will also have the capability to directly share data with any other neighboring agencies that choose to onboard with CivicRMS. This will support agencies’ access to data across counties, supporting data-driven policing across jurisdictions. 

“At CivicEye, we want every agency to have the tools to keep doing things better,” said Josh South, Head of Operations at CivicEye. “Malin PD won’t be limited by the outdated architecture of legacy technology. This agency can grow their efforts, improve community outcomes, and keep their officers safe.” 

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CivicEye delivers modern, easy-to-use cloud software for law enforcement and prosecutors that enhances daily workflows and improves community outcomes. The CivicEye platform includes Records, Digital Evidence, and Case Management solutions that reduce friction points within and across departments. CivicEye serves over 130 agencies across the United States. 

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