Picayune, MS PD has been incorporating data-driven policing strategies and proactive measures by analyzing their agency's crime data, all in their RMS CivicRMS.
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Data-Driven Policing: Police Department Enhances Transparency and Operations by Utilizing CivicEye Software

The Picayune Police Department leverages CivicRMS’s data analytic tools to inform community policing efforts.

Picayune, MS – February 20, 2023 – The term ‘proactive policing’ has long been circulating in law enforcement circles, yet translating it into actionable strategies can be a challenge. This challenge is all too familiar for agencies across the United States, including Picayune Police Department, a 36-officer agency located in Southern Mississippi.

After years of relying on outdated legacy software, Picayune PD decided to elevate its records management technology to CivicRMS. This upgrade provides the agency with the necessary tools to access crucial data, empowering them to proactively address community policing needs.

Chief Joe Quave, who assumed office in September 2021, and his dedicated team have taken the initiative to share annual data aggregated in their RMS with the community, fostering trust and open dialogue about the agency’s work. For example, Chief Quave has regularly posted year-to-year comparisons of crime statistics categorized by offense on their Facebook page.

“By sharing our agency’s information with our community, we’ve been able to start conversations and address the community’s concerns,” Chief Quave explains. “Relationships are important to me, and we can improve our relationships with our city by keeping them informed.”

The department has embraced CivicRMS’s data analytic features to make informed decisions for crime prevention, resource allocation, investigations, and data-driven policing efforts.

“Proactivity is very important,” Chief Quave emphasizes. “With this access to our city’s crime data, we can improve our tactical operations, all by having better tools to monitor crime trends.”

CivicEye, full spectrum software provider for law enforcement and prosecutors, has created its systems, including CivicRMS, with this goal of improving community outcomes in mind.

“Law enforcement officials have a lot to focus on in their everyday jobs,” said Josh South, Head of Operations at CivicEye. “If our software can make data easy to access and analyze, we know that officers will be better supported, and communities will be safer. That’s what it’s all about.”

To learn more about how Picayune Police Department is using their records management system to bolster community trust and inform proactive policing, click here to access the full case study.


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