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CivicEye Launches to Advance the Public Safety Software Market

Charlotte, North Carolina, January 5, 2022. CivicEye, the end-to-end provider of cloud software for law enforcement, prosecutors, and security organizations, announced its entry into the industry. The company provides a modern, easy-to-use software platform for communities and law enforcement that helps to save lives and increase transparency and security.

CivicEye took the best elements from Agisent Technologies, an existing software company and added the insights and experience of a proven entrepreneurial team to launch the new business with a goal of delivering a best-in-class platform for law enforcement and associated markets. With more than 80 customers and growing, CivicEye plans to expand their regional success and grow their customer base nationally. The company has attracted an experienced leadership team, new investors, and believes it is poised to be the leading force in the industry. 

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Founders of the company come from careers in both government technology and law enforcement. “I have worked in various capacities as an officer in the field for over 25 years before working for this company. I have yet to encounter a more innovative product that has been as well-received by law enforcement officials. As we have brought in new capital and leadership into the business, we have re-set the foundation to scale our product across the country.” said David Lutfy, President of CivicEye. 

Building on the foundation of Agisent Technologies provides CivicEye with the opportunity to reimagine its current and future product offerings that deliver new ways to empower public safety professionals. The company is also committed to continue to deliver exceptional service to its existing customers. 

“After years with a legacy Records Management System (RMS) our agency made the switch to CivicEye. The transition has been seamless, the customer service has been exceptional, and the company has worked with us to meet all our budget requirements,” said Captain Nate Theiss, White County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee.

Current products include: 

  • CivicRMS, a powerful records management application to manage public safety records easily and securely 
  • CivicDocs, a repository that securely stores documents and media in the cloud while providing confidentiality, integrity and availability 
  • CivicCase, an end-to-end set of case management tools for prosecutors and courtroom professionals 
  • CivicFusion, a next-generation solution for fusion centers that provides real-time access to law enforcement data through a region, county or state 

CivicEye has launched a new website,, and has moved its corporate headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

About CivicEye 

CivicEye provides advanced software solutions that support public safety professionals and helps save lives. The company combines a deep understanding of law enforcement and public safety with an unrivaled technology platform, bringing powerful and easy-to-use solutions to law enforcement, drug control, prosecution, campus police, private security, and fusion centers. 

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