CivicEye announces their sponsorship of NDAA (National District Attorney Association's) 2024 Summer Summit
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CivicEye Partners with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) to Support Prosecutors Across the US

CivicEye will be a premier sponsor for NDAA’s Annual Summer Summit this year.

Charlotte, NC – January 29, 2024 – CivicEye, an innovative software solutions provider for prosecutors and law enforcement, is announcing its top-tier sponsorship of the 2024 National District Attorneys Association’s (NDAA) Summer Summit. The event equips prosecutors with Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits and effective strategies for equitable justice and safeguarding victims’ rights.

Dedicated to “The Prosecutor’s Blueprint to Safeguard Victims and Elevate Their Voices through Enhanced Prosecution, Protection, and Prevention Strategies,” the 2024 NDAA Summer Summit will focus on actionable strategies, placing victims at the core of every legal process.

For the second consecutive year, CivicEye is sponsoring the conference to support prosecutors with the resources to keep learning, networking, and serving their communities. The company’s software, case management and digital evidence systems tailored for prosecutors, are designed to support prosecutors’ administrative needs and, thereby, enhance prosecutors’ capability to focus on pursuing justice.

“We admire that NDAA not only believes in the ongoing learning and knowledge-sharing of prosecutors, but also, provides the resources for such,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CEO of CivicEye. “Their commitment to support prosecutors with spaces to connect with one another and learn is one that we are proud to contribute to.”

“Amidst staffing shortages and high caseloads, prosecutors persevere in their pursuit of justice,” said Joshua South, Head of Operations at CivicEye. “Our team is proud to create technology that can help propel this mission and support prosecutors in their everyday, vital work.”

CivicEye made its sponsorship debut at the 2023 NDAA Summer Summit. Collaborating with TNDAGC and Tennessee’s major city District Attorneys, CivicEye has rapidly expanded its support across Tennessee. Additionally, CivicEye serves prosecutors across various other states.

Prosecutors interested in learning more about CivicEye’s solutions can visit the company’s website to learn more. 

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) remains neutral and non-partisan, emphasizing integrity and independence in collaborations to ensure fair and unbiased representation in partnerships.


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