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In the last ten years, advances in mobile technology have changed the way society operates. Mobile devices have become essential to our everyday lives. In just a few short years, our lives have gone from “mobile-first” to essentially “mobile only.” The law enforcement profession isn’t exempt from the expectation of a mobile-forward way of working. CivicEye Mobile Public Safety Software  gives your organization the technology it needs to meet current trends.

Like many other professions, law enforcement has faced unprecedented challenges when it comes to hiring, staffing and retention of employees. Law enforcement managers are looking for ways to keep their officers out in the field and give them mobility with their tools to increase productivity and alleviate pressures. With CivicEye, your organization can better streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Mobile Documentation

If you want to improve safety, performance, and productivity of your field personnel, then CivicEye’s mobile public safety software is for you and your team. Our mobile public safety software is made up of simple-to-deploy apps for emergency responders and law enforcement. By connecting the field with dispatch and records capabilities, your public safety organization can enhance awareness, communications and coordination and create reports faster than ever before.

CivicEye’s mobile public safety software helps agencies of all sizes become more agile and resilient through modern capabilities. It can span everything from call-taking and dispatch, records, major event management, and mobility. No matter the task, CivicEye can help make it easier and more efficient. 

Every organization strives to make the jobs of officers and responders out in the field easier With CivicEye’s mobile public safety software, you will be able to generate many types documentation with ease and mobility:

  • Departmental memos
  • Field interviews
  • Arrests (Includes printing misdemeanor, arrest tickets, affidavits and warrants)
  • Crash reports
  • Evidence
  • Traffic citations
  • City/County ordinance violations
  • Towing tickets
  • DMV/Mugshot photos with person inquiries
  • Department databases integration including GIS Address, warrants and scofflaw
  • Intelligent user interface
  • Automated importing of data to record management systems

CAD Integrations

One of the most important aspects of our mobile CAD is the ability to keep everyone in the know from dispatch to officers in the field. Responders get a bi-directional, real-time connection to dispatch, command staff, and partnering agencies. This easy design allows for the responders to get everything they need when they need it. Everyone is safer, and officers can respond efficiently with historical information, alerts, and intelligent mapping.

As mobile software evolves, so do its integrations and features. These integrations are very essential to help officers access the data that they need when they need it. One of these being mobile caller aided dispatch (CAD.)

Mobile public safety software that integrates with a CAD system helps emergency responders by automatically uploading information from your dispatcher into your CivicRMS in real time.

This allows first responders to see the location of the call, as well as any relevant information about the caller and the situation. The information can also be uploaded at the end of the call, saving valuable time for your officers by not having to manually input all of the information themselves. Usually officers cannot get ahold of this information unless they are sitting at a desk with a computer or laptop.

Our software integrations will continually help to simplify and streamline your operations so that all processes move along as they should. These modern software solutions have advanced integrations that interface with traditional non-cloud based programs. These can improve sharing of information in real-time. CivicEye’s integration will allow end-to-end critical information to be shared and flow from 911, CAD, records, and jail. 

In addition to this, mobile public safety software offers key features that equip officers with the tools they need to do their job. Field ticketing software, mobile crash reporting software, and mobile field reporting are all benefits of CivicRMS that streamline and officers’ ability to collect and fill out fields necessary for documentation purposes. 

Complicated and inefficient software design can cost lives. Our Mobile solutions are designed to function how first responders react and respond to complex and evolving events. Your responders see the most critical data, enabling them to focus on the situation at hand, with a direct line of communication to dispatch.

Benefits of Mobile Public Safety Software include:

Improved safety for public safety personnel

Mobile public safety software can include GPS tracking capabilities to help agencies locate personnel and resources, as well as asset management features to keep track of equipment. Mobile data terminals equipped with mobile public safety software allow officers to streamline the ways in which they work. At the tip of their fingertips, officers can input required fields, reduce common errors, and spend less time reinventing reports when they arrive back at their department. What is great about our mobile public safety software is that it is making sure all of your automatic and mutual aid partners, such as police and emergency management, are all operating on the same playbook as you are able to share across agency lines. You are able to share more across agency lines for quicker response times and more efficiency.

Our responder software also helps users better understand event sequences and incident patterns by examining data that happens over time and geographic area. Providing location-based data through spatial visualization, analysis and playback capabilities. Your responders and dispatchers can use location-based information plotting, pin and hotspot mapping, dynamic clustering, Geofencing, and playback control.

All of this will provide your EMS and fire agencies with information they can use to meet response time targets and inform budget, staffing, equipment, and station needs. It provides your dispatch with insights and trends to optimize their response times, reduce operator workloads and better align resources to demand.

Greater efficiency in the field

So, what can CivicEye mobile solutions do for you and your public safety organization? One of the greatest advantages is the field ticket software  that allows officers in the field the ability to administer tickets electronically. With our field ticketing software, your officers can complete their reports in the field or at the crime scene, increasing their productivity while on the case.

In addition, CivicEye offers mobile crash reporting software. When a car accident or incident occurs, the user can enter data and transmit information in real time. While populating your information, you will have access to DMV records, previous known addresses, phone numbers, and registered vehicles. All of the crash data can populate into an incident or ticket on scene. Other capabilities include photo capturing, personal statements and voice recording, and GPS and Google Maps integration. Issuing a mobile crash report is easier than ever.

Officers no longer must spend time seeking out information from multiple points when they can use their mobile data terminals equipped with software that enables them to pull data instantaneously. With mobile software, officers can have information in real time to inform decision making. All these factors can lead to a more effective and efficient response to emergencies.

Better decision-making ability

Today’s policing is about working smarter, not harder. Mobile public safety software equips officers with the information they need to know in order to increase community outcomes. Mobile software allows officers insight into what is happening in the communities they serve and protect. With mobile software like CivicEye, agencies can pull up heat maps, understand trends in crime, have insight to repeat offenders and more. All this information allows officers to make decisions that are informed with data.

Increased coordination between agencies

Crime does not stick to one place anymore. Mobile public safety software has been developed to help agencies share information and coordinate their response to emergencies. This type of software is designed to help agencies communicate with each other, track resources, and manage incidents. Mobile public safety software can help agencies improve their response to emergencies by providing them with a more coordinated approach. 

When agencies are using mobile software, if someone commits a crime in one jurisdiction and then crosses lines into another and commits additional crimes, when they are stopped, and an officer now can pull their criminal activity and know they were arrested or charged with a crime elsewhere. In addition to this, as mass causality events continue to happen across the Nation, agencies coordinating, and collaborating is more critical than ever.

Real-time access to mission critical information

There are a few ways that public safety software can streamline the working process for public safety teams. One way is by providing users with real-time access to information and data that they need in order to make informed decisions while in the field. This type of access is important for public safety personnel because it allows them to make decisions in the moment, rather than having to wait for data that may be outdated by the time they receive it. With CivicRMS software, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on your beat.

Secure Storage, Cloud Accessibility and Decreased Costs

Our cloud-accessible software provides users with access to data that usually would be otherwise restricted to servers on browser-based, secure web applications. You can access the information anywhere with an Internet connection, but using a secure, CJIS-compliant hosting facility for government and criminal data is critical. With the ability to be used anywhere, cloud-based accessible software is easy to use on any device available including laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. CivicEye also runs on most operating systems including Windows, Apple, Linux, iOS, and Android.

CivicEye’s mobile public safety software brings next-generation public safety technology to agencies of all sizes by lowering the total cost of ownership while enabling faster deployment to incidents in the field. You will have exceptional security without the capital spending or administrative overhead of using an on-site IT environment. Our software is always up to date, and you can access remote software installation and online training at any time, giving you the flexibility to spend more time serving your community.

CivicEye is the most complete public safety management system on the market. With capabilities spanning dispatch, records, and analytics, it really does cover all responder needs. 

With comprehensive analytics capabilities, you can enable your public safety agency to enhance operational awareness, increase efficiency and optimize your agencies’ resources. By reducing your expenditures, simplifying your deployment, and cutting important overhead costs, all agencies whether small, medium, or large can benefit.

With our cloud-based and managed server solutions, you can eliminate all that extra time your IT team spends troubleshooting issues. Instead, they can focus on more important aspects of their job and high-priority projects. The accessible, field-tested safety software empowers your responders to spend less time on their technology and more time helping their community and fixing problems in the field.

Around the Clock Support

Civic Eye’s mobile public safety software is easy to use and simple to manage. With the functionality and user experience of a mobile app, your officers won’t have to worry about spending extensive time training on multiple platforms. And you’ll also spend less time administering applications. With CivicEye, everyone in the organization benefits and can work more efficiently.

With CivicEye, you can always rest assured that any software issues will be quickly resolved by our support team. You can access our U.S.-based in-house support 24/7/365 via phone, online chat, or email. CivicEye will make sure you get answers to your questions in real-time to troubleshoot and resolve your issues in a timely manner. You’ll also have access to our comprehensive knowledge base for additional training and troubleshooting support. CivicEye is always free to try, and we are happy to speak with you for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and talk about how we can help your organization improve mobile technology capabilities. Our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs, so you never have to worry if you’re missing out on important and useful features. If you are interested in Civic Eye mobile public safety software, contact us for a free trial today.

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Designed and field-tested by law enforcement, CivicRMS is the ultimate high-performance records management system with single-entry data input and integrations.

More than just an application, CivicRMS is a powerful architecture engineered for the unique requirements of Law Enforcement. Designed and field-tested by law enforcement professionals, CivicRMS integrates our cloud-based solution with industry-related programs for a comprehensive, single entry system.

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