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Jail Information Management System

Like most public sector organizations, corrections departments are facing cuts left and right, as well as staff reductions and limited overtime opportunities. Despite these cuts, staff still needs fast access to documents and a jail information management system for better inmate control, safer responses, and efficient work shifts. When all of this paperwork is handled manually, it’s easy for documents to get lost, and staff time can be absorbed on desk work when it could be better spent creating and facilitating a safe environment.

To manage and modernize growing prison populations, many jails are turning to a jail information management system. CivicEye Jail Information Management System can integrate all aspects of law enforcement and jail information into one convenient system, giving jail administrators a way to increase efficiency for smoother operations.

RMS Integrations:

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Keep Track of Inmates Quickly and Efficiently

Managing today’s jails and correction centers has been a tough task to handle because of overcrowded inmate populations and staffing shortages. Handling inmates and all the records and information involved requires a solution to help become more efficient. How can you improve inmate processing? How can you support significant compliance responsibilities? CivicEye, one of the industry’s leaders in jail management software, has a solution to help get you to where you need to be.

How can CivicEye’s jail management system help your agency? First, CivicEye reduces the amount of time that it takes to book new inmates. You will be able to book faster and smarter with our jail management software using the automated intake system. You will see booking times drop from 45 minutes to just 15. More importantly, you will improve the process for classifying and placing every inmate. Your facility staff will be able to make more efficient and safer decisions with access to arrest data, warrants, and prior incidents.

In addition to streamlining your inmate intake, you will also be able to see a much more comprehensive view of an inmate’s history. With our jail records management system, booking can start from the moment that an arrest report is created in the field. It can be pre-populated with the information that has already been captured and started prior to the inmate arriving at the facility. Paired with the extensive inmate profile, officers can be more aware of the inmates and persons they are managing. Below is a list of the key capabilities of CivicEye’s Jail Information Management Software:

  • Booking checklist
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Daily event management 
  • Incident logging
  • Intelligent sentencing

With the growing emphasis on mental health awareness in the justice system, dynamic assessments during intake can help you ensure offenders are housed and supervised properly. Using decision-based assessments during intake to determine an inmate’s risk factors and medical needs will aid your officers in making sure the inmate receives the services they need.

Beyond those main capabilities, you will also be able to keep track of tasks such as headcounts and cell checks, shift notes and incident reports, court events and sentence calculations, and inmate work and transportation. Inmate tracking can be difficult when your software doesn’t connect and transfer to other systems with ease. CivicEye will allow all of your inmate tracking to be held in one centralized location for easy, seamless tracking and release.

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RMS and Jail information management system workflow

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Jail Information Management

Our capabilities also extend beyond data information, as it also has the ability to record and store information such as video and other media files. With integrations with jail information management systems, like BluHorse JMS, you are able to record clear, evidentiary audio and video to capture the truth of any situation that occurs in the jail. Once an incident is contained, all digital evidence from our stationary cameras, body cameras, or radio traffic recordings can be automatically bundled into an incident report for future use.

Our video capabilities also aid you in capturing the perfect pictures and videos for mugshots and lineups. With eye-level and face-width guidelines to assist you in taking a mugshot, you can be sure to get the full scope of an inmate’s face including any scars, imperfections, or tattoos that might be relevant to the inmate’s profile. 

Our software also comes with several tools to help in the editing and enhancement of your digital images. If your picture is less than desirable or has come through with bad quality, you can easily adjust settings such as brightness, sharpness, and contrast with the touch of a button. Images can also be rotated and sized to what you need, eliminating the need for any external photo editing software.

Our jail inmate management system can also aid in helping with lineups. Creating a lineup based on age or physical characteristics that meets your needs can sometimes be difficult. With CivicEye’s module, your officers will be able to configure a search for records of inmates that fall within a certain age range, as well as weight, height, or other physical characteristics. You are also able to control the number of inmates that are in each lineup.

With all of this help, your facility can provide the safest possible environment for both your officers and inmates alike. No longer will you have to worry about the tedious assignments and paperwork being in the right place. CivicEye’s jail information management system will keep your staff on the right track and make sure your jail runs smoothly and without incident. 

Another feature of CivicEye’s Jail Information Management System integrations allows you to release your inmates confidently and securely. Dynamic scheduling will allow you to track jail time served, good-time credits, and inmate work credit. Similar to the booking features, our release checklist ensures a consistent process is followed and the right person is released.

To keep the release process as safe and accurate as possible, CivicEye jail records management system offers biometric verification. When it comes to inmate identification, being reliable in your verification is everything. Mistaken identities can lead to releasing the wrong individual and cause your jail or organization to come under intense scrutiny. Not only does it put your jail at risk, but also your community. Our biometric system allows for greater confidence that your staff is releasing the proper inmate. 

Housing inmate information in multiple databases can lead to complicated and time-consuming processes. This is especially true when it comes to unique sentences that allow for the inmate to spend part of their sentence outside of the jail facility. With our system, you can link an inmate’s fingerprint data with the individual person’s data that is already stored in our database.

Cloud-Based Secure Storage and Complete Compliance

Better organization leads to greater efficiency and compliance. By reducing the use of paper files, filing cabinets, emails, and spreadsheets for key processes, departments and agencies are able to lessen the risk of lost or misplaced files, which helps simplify compliance. 

CivicEye’s active cloud data and backup and restore systems mitigate the risk of data loss and reduce the costs of redundant software. Our jail information management system provides a single, secure, and centralized location for all inmate, employee, and facility documents, including digital media files.

This simplifies the storage and retrieval of documents such as photos, videos and audio files, saving the staff time by allowing them to instantly access information online from anywhere. Electronic documents and online case management enhance the handling of inmate records such as transfers, disciplinary actions and paroles.

Why is cloud storage so important? First and foremost, it is the most cost effective way available to store your data. Cloud data storage drastically reduces the cost of storing large amounts of data on-sit, while also improving the reliability by having it stored remotely. Our backup also ensures that your managers and employees have access to important information should something happen to the server. This can also give your organization peace of mind and protection against Malware and Ransomware.

CivicEye jail information management system helps safeguard against compliance issues by providing a complete electronic trail of every process. As each task is completed and moved to the next step, it is tracked for future use should any questions arise. This also allows managers to look at any active process and gauge progress or identify possible issues. Because our jail information management system also securely digitizes our employee records, it can store all required certifications, credentials, and documents while also checking if an employee’s record is missing any required documents. It can also allow managers to see upcoming renewals or deadlines that must be met to make sure all employees stay compliant with their organization’s needs.

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With CivicEye, you can count on our support to help you with your jail management software. We are there when you need us for support, 24 hours a day, seven day a week, 365 days a year. We also offer our online chat support system for real-time answers to your questions while also having email and phone support available. 

Our U.S.-based, in-house support team knows your problems and how to troubleshoot and solve them. We also offer an extensive knowledge base for additional training and troubleshooting. If you are interested in CivicEye and want to take advantage of our free trial, contact us today.

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