The FBI National Academy Association (FBINAA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the law enforcement profession. FBINAA’s mission is to impact communities by providing and promoting law enforcement leadership through training and networking. CivicEye is proud to support FBINAA and grow in partnership together.

Our missions align, as we both focus on impacting communities by providing public safety professionals with the tools they need to make a difference. Where FBINAA focuses on training, CivicEye focuses on equipping departments with thoughtful and intelligence-driven modern software that makes reporting easier and drives actionable intelligence with data shared across jurisdictions. We are excited about being a Strategic Alliance Premier Partner and what it means for the future of law enforcement!

Congratulations Graduates!

We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the latest graduates of the FBI National Academy!

The culmination of training and commitment to bettering yourself are admirable accomplishments. We are honored to support you and can’t wait to see what more you will do for your department and community.

About CivicEye

Who We Are

CivicEye delivers modern, cloud-based software solutions to public safety and law enforcement professionals that enhance daily workflows and improve community outcomes. We are the platform for public safety because it’s specifically built for the unique requirements of the law enforcement industry. Our company’s core products include CivicRMS, CivicDocs, CivicCase, and CivicFusion.

What We Do

Improve Department Efficiencies

CivicEye’s software operates on a cloud-based, CJIS-compliant system that can be run anywhere, providing users access to the system when they need it, where they need it. Through advanced integration capabilities, departments can simplify their workloads with single data entry through CAD incidents and jail management, easing inter-department processes from administration to in the field officers.

One of our unique technologies is a proprietary LEX (Law Enforcement Exchange) identifier that creates a master index of all records for easy searchability and an advanced database of people, places, things, locations, weapons, drugs, incidents, warrants, documents, reports, unique transactions, etc.

Legacy data can also be converted into our system granting you high-speed access to key files departments need.

Actionable-Intelligence with Crime Data

Emergencies rely on real-time data access to coordinate quicker responses and enhance actionable data tracking.

With integrated incident reports, officers are able to compile crime data into reports for improved tracking and intelligence-led police actions, showing you data in a way that helps build your police strategy to fit your changing communities.

Various modules are built into the system to help improve real-time intelligence operations with records and evidence management. This information creates more detailed reports for crime data analysis, investigation, and prosecution.

Simplify and Enhance Reporting

With mandates for every law enforcement agency in the country required to comply with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), we believe in making the NIBRS reporting as simple as possible.

Native NIBRS validation tools are built into our system, allowing officers in the field to correct errors before submitting reports.

Reporting has never been so easy. Reducing the need for duplicate data entry minimizes human errors and creates more time for administrative staff to spend on other department needs.

Data Sharing Across Jurisdictions

Our technology platform was designed to be the underlying core component that empowers all other modules and ties them together into a single expandable environment – both today and in the future.

We provide the bridge to legacy products and data, as well as the interface for interacting with system information outside of the core applications.

CivicEye is the end-to-end solution to improve records management across law enforcement jurisdictions, through to document and case management with court prosecutors, solicitors, and district attorneys, and data sharing up to state and federal government agencies and fusion centers.

A Focus on Training

FBINAA and CivicEye have a lot in common. We both strive to make our communities a better place by providing the best training and tools possible to law enforcement professionals. Training is key to the success of any organization, and with FBINAA’s expertise in this area, CivicEye is able to provide even more value to its graduates. Pictured below is Gary Holliday, CivicEye’s Client Success Manager and FBINA Alumni, conducting RMS training. We look forward to continuing our partnership and making a difference together!

One of Our Own

Gary Holliday, FBINAA 227

Gary Holliday

Client Success Manager, CivicEye
Retired Deputy Chief, Knoxville Police Dept., TN
FBINA Alumni, Session 227

Gary Holliday began as an Account Executive at CivicEye in 2019 and transitioned to Client Success Manager in 2021, where he continues to lead training and implementation for our CivicEye customers. He is an integral part of our operations and puts his prior law enforcement experience into action driving initiatives across other departments in our organization.

Before his employment at CivicEye, Gary was a 30-year veteran of the Knoxville TN Police Department (KPD), retiring as a Deputy Chief. He served the last eight years of his KPD career in Command of the Support Services Division, overseeing the Training Unit and Police Academy, Technical Services and IT Unit, Fleet, Records Management, Safety Education, and Crime Analysis Unit.

Gary is a graduate of the University of Louisville, the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, the Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers Course, the Southeastern Command and Leadership Academy, and the Drug Enforcement Agency Commanders Academy.

FBINAA Event Participation

FBINAA 2023 Conference Logo

FBINAA National Conference

July 29 – August 1, 2023

The CivicEye team will see you in Denver, CO for the Elevating Law Enforcement Professionalism – FBINAA 59th Annual Training Conference! Come visit us at Booth 906.

FBINAA CivicEye Conference booth
CivicEye engaging at FBINAA Conference
CivicEye engaging at FBINAA Conference
CivicEye engaging at FBINAA Conference

Khristian and Gary at FBINAA New Member Expo for Session 282

FBINA New Member Expo

Quantico, VA

Members of our team will be at the New Member Expo event for each session. We look forward to connecting with all the talented new members of the FBINAA organization!

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About the FBI National Academy

The FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. (FBINAA) is a non-profit, international organization of 16,000+ senior law enforcement professionals dedicated to providing our communities, states, countries, and profession with the highest degree of law enforcement expertise, training, education and information. The FBI National Academy is an invitation-only 10-week program that trains law enforcement managers from across the United States and around the world. Many of the people who attend the Academy end up as law enforcement leaders.