The Platform for
Public Safety

CivicEye delivers modern, easy to use public and private cloud software for communities and law enforcement that helps save lives and increase security.

End-to-end Solutions for the
Criminal Justice System

Record management system that is easy to use, fast, secure and compliant.

  • Search hundreds of millions of records in less than a second
  • Integrated tracking and support for opioid, fentanyl, and other drugs as well as infectious diseases
  • Real-time graphing, mapping, and reporting

Judicial document system purpose built for law enforcement, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

  • Share and interact with online documents, body and dash cam video, surveillance and interrogation media
  • Maintain secure access, control, and reporting of all elements within the system
  • Mitigate risk and preserve chain-of-evidence

Advanced case management provides streamlined access to information and resources.

  • Securely store, manage, and distribute body and dash cam video, surveillance audio and video, and more
  • Convert complex paper forms to interactive online tools

Empowering Public Safety Professionals

Get more done on any device from anywhere

Build a safer community through realtime-data analytics

Save time with field-tested workflows built for efficiency

Eliminate repetitive tasks with department data sharing

“Since implementing CivicEye’s RMS program, we have seen an improvement in compliance reporting to the state and improved relations within the community.”

“…CivicDocs is providing an efficient and time saving mechanism to receive investigative files from law enforcement agencies and at the same time allowing us to easily deliver complete discovery to the defense bar.”

See what CivicEye can do for your organization.